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Serenity in Sobriety

Like a Lotus flower that grows out of the mud and blossoms above the muddy water surface, We can rise above our Defilement’s and Sufferings of Life

Welcome to Serenity in Sobriety

This is about getting the message out there that Trauma is a gateway for Addictions and that even though you don’t suffer from addictions, your most likely using some form of substance in a way to mask it.

Whether its eating, gambling, gossiping, sex, bullying, being a narcissists. We are all affected by trauma in one way or another and it shows up as loss, grief, self-esteem, abuse, injuries, abandonment, violence, health, neglect, shame, guilt, emotional pain, inter-generational, grief and being distraught to name a few but It’s not limited to everyday events that may arise like a house fire, a lost long term relationship, natural disasters, foster care, adoption, poverty, accidents, sudden unexpected loss, war, missing persons.

This affected our life in some way. It pops up unexpectedly or it’s been passed down from our great grand parents to our grand parents to our parents to us. It’s a learned pattern that keeps moving through our families until we finally choose to break this cycle ourselves and start being accountable for our own actions showing and giving our children a better life. This group is about sharing, healing and seeing your self worth. To bring awareness to our lives, develop a resilience to triggers or situations, re-integrate and re-build ourselves and discover that we are worthy of a great life. We are loving humans that need connection with others around us and we are deserving of that.

2020 is about change, it’s a new decade to bring everything together and be whole again, be who we were meant to be.

Normalization and Stigma

            Downtown Prince George on any given time, day or night, you’re not going to get away from the poverty that consumes the people that are left to fend for themselves. Opportunities taken away and choices made. The stigma that berates the very people that hide in the night and walk around in plain sightContinue reading “Normalization and Stigma”

500 days!!

            Today marks 500 days! A huge milestone in my life and the days keep on coming one day at a time. I remember saying once that if I only put 1% every day, it will add up to something remarkable and I am so very grateful for what I have accomplished and it startedContinue reading “500 days!!”

Keeping Strong

            July 31st 2020             My work I am doing is nothing what I used to do before however it is more meaningful than I have ever imagined it. My jobs in the past were mostly camps, mining, sawmill, rigs out in Alberta and running heavy duty machinery. I was a functioning alcoholic at bestContinue reading “Keeping Strong”


            July 28th 2020             This is the first Blog I am doing since being out of the recovery house, I’ve already had some struggles and some of my support has vanished. I’ve reached out to others as I’ve needed them however I was expecting with expectations and that is not fair to me andContinue reading “Progress”

Sympathy versus Empathy

July 18th 2020             Sympathy Vs Empathy             I did a program about this a few weeks ago and it really stuck around in my brain and even had a few debates with other people, I want to talk about it and give my best view on it.             “Sympathy Drives Disconnection” a quote fromContinue reading “Sympathy versus Empathy”

July 10th 2020

            Living in a Recovery House is not what a lot of people would do, face their truth become something other than normal however normal is not what I am. Living here in the Okanagan has given me opportunity to become unique, it has given me struggles and hardships and the ability to say IContinue reading “July 10th 2020”

The F word

            I’m curious to what you’re thinking when I call this writing The F Word. I’m talking about feelings. I’ve heard recently that in the beginning of recovery that I shouldn’t trust my feelings cause the best of it got me into recovery to begin with and nothing else. I can say that’s true enough,Continue reading “The F word”


            What are distractions to us? Which are good and which are bad? Why do we do and how do we do? These are some valid concerns to how we distract ourselves and how some are good and some are bad. This topic I will be talking from an “I” perspective because I cannot speakContinue reading “Distractions”

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